What Is Football?


Football is a game where teams try to get the ball into the opponent’s end zone. It has been played in every Summer Games since 1908. A team that crosses the goal line scores five points, and a team that doesn’t cross the line scores one.

Football is a game that has evolved from its origins in England. The game is closely tied to the development of urbanization in Victorian Britain. Among the new working class inhabitants were players who sought leisure in their free time.

Many children were also part of the labour force. Some of them learned the game in school. They may play in youth leagues. Eventually, they might be recruited by a high school team.

The game is played by two teams of 11 to 18 players each. Each team has a quarterback. He passes the ball between his legs to a teammate.

If a player gets tackled, he must release the ball immediately. Alternatively, he can run with the ball until he’s tackled or forced out of bounds. This is called an interception.

In the American game, the offensive team has the option of kicking the ball or rushing for a touchdown. If a team doesn’t catch the ball, they can try a field goal. Or, they can attempt a touchdown, in which case they score six points.

During the early twentieth century, football was introduced in various countries across Europe. In 1877, the associations of Great Britain agreed on a uniform code. By the mid-1980s, more than a hundred nations were members of FIFA.