Types of Football Plays


Football is a team sport that requires players to use their arms and legs to move the ball down the field. The objective of the game is to score points by moving the ball into the opponent’s end zone. It is a timed game, with each team having four downs. A touchdown is the most important offensive goal, which is worth six points.

An offensive play is a series of plays that the offense must make in order to gain yards. On a first down, the team has the option of kicking the ball or passing it. If the offensive team fails to run the ball 10 yards within the four downs, the team loses possession.

A punt is another type of offensive play. In a punt, the opposing team has the option of returning the ball to their own end zone, or they can kick it. Once the ball has been kicked, the opposing team has a few seconds to try and get into formation. Usually, a long kick is made down the field.

Another type of play is a fumble. When a player fumbles the ball, the defense can regain control of it. They do this by trying to stop the player from running with the ball.

Another type of play is a “touchdown.” A touchdown is when the team catches the ball and takes it across the other team’s goal line. After a touchdown, the team has the opportunity to add extra points to the score.