The Basics of Football


The two main positions on a football team are defensive lineman and quarterback. Both positions are equally important, as they are the ones who will be responsible for making tackles and directing plays. The defensive lineman’s primary purpose is to rush the passer, but they also cover wide receivers and help line backers. The safeties are there to stop big plays. They must have good vision and cut toward open areas in the defense. And, they must block during pass plays.

One of the most common rules of football is that teams have four downs. Each down consists of ten yards or more of forward movement. If the offense fails to gain the 10 yard requirement, it turns the ball over to the defensive team. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary, but should not be the only way to win a game. However, if both teams are failing to advance the ball, a field goal is the only viable option.

The football field is 53-quarters wide and is played on a side by side basis. Teams will usually carry 45-50 players. Each position is specialized and will make up half of the team’s lineup. The offense will have 11 players; the defense will have eight. In the defense, big guys will block while smaller guys will catch the ball. Medium-sized guys will do a bit of both. It will take a great deal of physical endurance to compete in a football game.