The Basics of Football


Football is a team sport that involves the movement of a ball around a field. It is the most popular team sports in the world and is played between two teams of eleven to 18 players each (variations may have fewer or more players).

Players on both sides use the ball to advance it towards a goal area, or into the opponent’s end of the field, to score points. The goal is usually to win the game, but a draw is possible.

There are three main categories of player positions: strikers, or forwards; defenders; and midfielders. Each position has a specific task, though they are generally similar to each other in terms of general skill and strength.

Offensive Plays:

The most important player on the offense is the quarterback, who throws a pass to running backs or wide receivers. He may also run with the ball himself, if a run play is expected.

Quarterbacks and other offensive players must be able to move down the field to get the ball to their running backs and wide receivers, and they must be able to carry the ball across the opposition’s goal line or catch a pass in the end zone. Once a player successfully carries the ball across or receives a pass in the end zone, it is called a touchdown.

The defense, on the other hand, is responsible for preventing the offense from scoring by stopping their passes or blitzing the quarterback. They can do this by using different formations and running certain types of plays to confuse the offense.