The Basics of Football


Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. The game involves two teams of 11 players playing against each other. The teams attempt to score more goals than the opposing team during a 90 minute period.

In order to achieve this, the team needs to move the ball into the opposing “end zone.” Each end zone is 10 yards deep and 53 and a half yards wide.

Once the ball has been moved into the opposing “end zone”, the team can then attempt to score by kicking the ball into a large net, called a goal post. Goal posts are located at both ends of the field.

The team may also try to score by running the ball into the end zone. A touchdown is worth six points, while an extra point is worth three.

If the offensive team does not gain at least 10 yards in four downs, the defense can force the team to punt the ball. The offense may then attempt to advance the ball further by kicking the ball down the field.

If the offensive team cannot advance the ball past the opposing goal line, they must then return the ball. The defense can force the offense to turn the ball over by tackling the player in the offensive end zone, or by making a penalty.

After a player has scored a touchdown, the team is given a bonus to add points. The team may also try to gain points by kicking a field goal.