The Basics of Football


In football, there are several rules that must be followed to avoid penalties. A penalty is an illegal move during the game. It moves the football away from the offensive team and towards the defense’s endzone. Some penalties, such as holding and pass interference, result in the defense receiving an automatic first down. When the offense fails to get a first down, the officials blow the whistle.

There are also several different ways to score touchdowns. A team can score a touchdown by passing the ball into the end zone or running it into the end zone. Another way is to kick a field goal. Usually, the goal is to kick the ball from within 40 yards of the opponent’s end zone. A team can also score a safety if the offensive ballcarrier is tackled in the end zone or is forced out of bounds.

The game is played between two teams, usually eleven to eighteen players. However, some variations use fewer players. It is played on a field that is clearly marked. The aim is to move the ball over a line, through a goal post, and into the end zone. The players are required to use their entire body to move the ball.

In professional football, games usually last 60 minutes. There are also 10-minute overtime quarters. However, lower-level football games are usually shorter, usually less than 15 minutes. The reason is that younger kids cannot handle a game that lasts for 60 minutes.