How to Watch Football

Football is a sport that involves two teams of 11 players each playing against one another. The game is played on a 120-yard field with 15-minute quarters and each team has a set number of downs to pass the ball into the opponent’s end zone.

Each team has an offense player and a defense player. The offense player runs or passes the ball to a runner, fullback, or wide receiver while the defense player defends against an offensive play and stops the ball from being moved forward.

In each play, the ball is scrimmaged (moved from one part of the field to another) until it is tackled or the person holding the ball is knocked down and their knees touch the ground. The play is over when the referee blows a whistle.

There are a lot of rules that govern the game and the best way to learn them is by watching the game. There are many ways to watch, including with a TV antenna and streaming services that allow you to see live games on your computer or mobile device.

Streaming requires a good Internet connection and may freeze or lag behind the action, so it’s better to use cable for live NFL coverage. Some services, like YouTube TV, offer DVR options that allow you to record multiple streams of your favorite game. FuboTV is also a good choice for streaming NFL games. They have a variety of channels that cover the game and are easy to navigate.