Historical Facts About Football


Football began as an entertainment sport for the working class in England in the 18th century. Big games drew as many as 30,000 spectators. As British people travelled abroad, the game spread to other parts of Europe. The first fans were in South America and India. Today, football is a worldwide phenomenon with over 190 million fans. Here are some historical facts about the game. Read on to learn about some of the game’s most famous players.

The first team to score is called the offense. Each team has a playbook that contains dozens, if not hundreds, of plays. The plays must be strategically sound. Some plays are safe, while others can lead to long gains, a loss of yardage, or a turnover. Aside from blocking and tackling, players must know the rules of the game to play effectively. This helps keep the game exciting. Among the most common penalties in the game are the pass interference penalty, fumble, and tackle.

The first modern version of football was played in 1912. The field was expanded and a fourth down was added to each possession. Originally, the Ivy League dominated the sport. However, in 1916, the Rose Bowl game began to attract college teams from across the country. This game soon became an annual event and developed a large national following. By the 1950s, football was the most popular team sport in the world, second only to baseball and soccer.