Health Benefits of Football


Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s not only fun and exciting to play, but it has a number of health benefits as well.

Mentally, it is a great workout because you are constantly focusing and making decisions on the field. You need to keep track of the ball, assess space on the field, and know how to move your body to get past the opposition.

Physically, you develop your lower body strength as you run on the field and shoot, dribble, pass, jump, and tackle. You also gain upper body strength as you shield the ball, throw-ins, and hold off an opponent.

Socially, it teaches team spirit and unselfishness. You need to communicate with your teammates, respect them and follow their tactics to help the team win.

Emotionally, it is a great way to improve your emotional temperance and resiliency, Cisar says. It also teaches you how to deal with setbacks, learn from constructive criticism and practice good sportsmanship.

In addition, it can ward off depression and anxiety, and it can help you develop positive social circles and role models. Moreover, it has been shown that players are less likely to display aggressive behavior in everyday life because of the adrenaline they get from playing the sport.

Among the most striking health benefits, is that it lowers body fat and boosts your overall heart health. In a study, people who played the game a few times a week saw an increase in oxygen intake and a decrease in body fat.